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Customer Experience Trends Report 2022

This report provides the right insight on how to turn customer service into a growth engine for any business.

Customer Experience Trends Report 2022
Customer Experience Trends Report 2022

What you'll find in this report

Big shape header The strategies businesses need to adopt to deliver a service that meet and exceed consumer expectations.
Big shape header How brands can leverage automation to deliver a seamless loyalty-building experience
Big shape header Companies building long-term strategies focusing on customer experience will turn customer service departments into sales and revenue streams.

Discover the 7 major trends defining the 2022 customer service landscape illustrated through 30 key figures.  

Trend 1

"Want-it-now" customer behaviour prevails

Consumers want speed and businesses must adopt a digital-first approach to deliver it.

Customer Experience Trends Report 2022
Customer Experience Trends Report 2022

Trend 2

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI)

AI has arrived and is here to stay and is the key for businesses to achieve their growth objectives. 

Trend 3

Customer autonomy takes the lead

Consumers want to be autonomous. Businesses must include self-service channels to cater to this need.

Customer Experience Trends Report 2022

Unlock the full 2022 report

Get insight into the customer experience trends shaping the future of customer service.

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