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Omnichannel Strategies in 2022

Get insight into today's consumer behaviour and the omnichannel strategies enabling brands to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Omnichannel Strategies in 2022

What you'll find in this guide

Big shape header The omnichannel strategies businesses need to adopt to deliver a service that meet and exceed consumer expectations.
Big shape header The opportunities and benefits to adopting an omnichannel approach. 
Big shape header Consumer behaviours driving digitalisation and the technologies brands are adopting to meet their needs.

Discover 6 tips to successfully transition to an omnichannel strategy 

90% of retail leaders agree a seamless omnichannel strategy is critical to business success.

omnichannel customer satisfaction

74% of retailers say that their customer satisfaction has increased thanks to an omnichannel approach.

53% of customers expect a personalised omnichannel experience.


Unlock the full 2022 guide

Across 15 key figures, understand today's consumer expectations and why brands need to transition to an omnichannel strategy to stay competitive and deliver excellent customer experiences.

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