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Master Chatbot Marketing in 10 Minutes - Benefits, Cases and Tips

Written by

 Jeremy Gallemard

In this internet-dominated world with the prevalence of AI, chatbot marketing has an integral role to play in elevating customer experience and, ultimately boosting sales. If the question “what is chatbot marketing?” is floating in your mind, keep scrolling as Smart Tribune will be providing you with everything about this effective marketing strategy, from theory to practice. 

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What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot marketing is one of the most lucrative business marketing strategies that give store owners or service providers an upper hand in interacting with prospects and customers

Marketing bot or bot refers to a pre-set-up program integrated with chatting platforms or websites to automatically engage with anyone who shows his interest in your items or services. Basically, a chatbot simulates a human conversation to welcome visitors, answer questions or even suggest relevant products without requiring further manual involvement. 

It can be easily seen that you can save more resources and effort while satisfying more customers at the same time by deploying chatbot marketing. 

Wanna dig deeper into chatbots? Check out All about chatbot that you need to know now to have a broader picture of this cutting edge technology. 

Chatbot in marketing is currently a familiar term for e-merchants since the process of adding a chatbot to websites or texting apps has been facilitated with Smart Tribune assistance. So don’t hesitate to contact us to book a demo and see the miracle!

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Chatbot Marketing Benefits

The leg up that chatbots for marketing offer is never a media hype as millions of e-merchants are benefiting from bot conversation. Here come several merits that are well proven. 

1. Chatbots help qualify leads

Thanks to automated chatbots, the qualifying leads process has become easier and easier. 

With only the initial setup, chatbots for business can actively pop greetings and questions during a user’s time on page. Several questions act as “gatekeepers” to determine each prospect’s needs and figure out whether the prospects have high intent to pay for your service or products. Now, it’s time for sales staff to take over and convert qualified leads to customers. 

Doubtlessly, this process substantially enhances conversion rate and shortens time for sales staff to approach potential customers. 

Wanna kick off your chatbot marketing strategy ASAP? Let Smart Tribune grease the wheels for you! 

2. Chatbot usage boosts engagement

Not only global companies need a team working around the clock to support customers, but national enterprises also do. Why? The radical reason is that instant assistance will boost engagement on your site up to 87%

That is when chatbots come in handy. In the light of 247 availability, chatbots can address your customers’ issues in the blink of an eye. Here comes the list of what problems a chatbot can solve and how it boosts engagement. 

New call-to-action

3. Chatbots save your time and money

Imagine you’re dealing with a long queue of customers waiting for your product recommendations, product information, or dozens of other requests. How can your 5-member customer support team handle each inquiry and satisfy your customers in 2-3 minutes? Yes, it’s hard! 

No worries! Chatbot marketing will ease your pain immediately as a chatbot can deliver thousands of messages to fulfill any demand in seconds. Now you can serve more customers in a shorter period of time without hiring more staff

4. Chatbots encourage more purchase

AI or artificial intelligence is now widely applied in any chatbot services, therefore, a chatbot will constantly collect data from customers’ behavioural patterns and personalize their experience. This mechanism will help you upsell customers by suggesting relevant items

The exploitment of AI chatbots is definitely a game changer as the recommendation shows how you care about your customers’ needs. AI chatbot usage will significantly improve your customer experience and implicitly skyrocket sales. 

5. Chatbots support news, updates or events sharing

Struggling to spread your business news, updates and upcoming events? Chatbot marketing is everything you need.

Approaching more target audiences is within your reach as chatbots can share any updates to visitors through a chat bubble. This is one of the most effective methods to notify customers of your current promotion programmes or updated information because of its directness. 

Discover 5 reasons why your business needs an eCommerce chatbot to crazily increase your revenue today. 

How To Effectively Use Chatbots in Marketing

Schedule new meeting/demo/appointment

Whatever product or service you are providing, the automated schedule of new meeting or demo or appointment is absolutely profitable. Time and place for meeting or demo booking will be automatically added to the involved person’s calendar. 

The setup process for this function is not as complicated as you think. However, to avoid unwanted errors, Smart Tribune will do the spadework for you. Unlock the full potential of chatbot marketing with our product demo now!

Promote new products, events, and updates

When executing chatbot marketing, don’t miss any chances to repeatedly appear on your customers’ screens. Brands can notify customers of new items released or upcoming events to keep audiences informed. 

Please bear in mind that the frequency of messages affects customers’ decisions too. It is advised that e-merchants shouldn’t deliver too many updates in order not to irritate prospects. The overuse of chatbot marketing may lead to negative results. 

Chatbot Marketing Examples

Chatbots have assisted thousands of brands around the globe in achieving set marketing goals. Explore an A-list of big brands that are successfully offering chatbots 

Travel and hospitality: AirAsia

On AirAsia website, you can ask virtual assistant AVA for help. AVA is reported to be supportive and helpful. She can answer most of your queries in eleven languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Hindi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. 

Wanna meet her? Simply click on the small bubble at the right bottom of the screen to start off.

Travel and hospitality example of chatbot marketing

Retail: H&M

This fashion brand provides its customers with a knowledge base page and H&M virtual assistant. With only the main keyword required, customers will soon receive some of the recommended questions containing the keyword to quickly find satisfactory solutions. 

retail example of marketing chatbot


A chatbot is beneficial on social media platforms as well. More and more to-be customers are finding information or renowned places on Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok. 

Understanding that, The Kitchin prepares a chatbot to immediately tackle customers’ issues. 

restaurant marketing chatbot example

Supermarket: Lidl

Lidl is a brilliant example of a supermarket chain offering a chatbot. Customers can order, ask for supplies availability or require further assistance via the chatbot. 

Lidl even has an edge in customer support with live chat, email and phone calls for UK residents. 

supermarket example of chatbot marketing

Chatbot Marketing Tips

Chatbot marketing is undoubtedly an ace up your sleeve thanks to its usability and enormous benefits. Everything must be used appropriately and so is chatbot marketing. To take full advantage of bots for websites or bots on social media platforms, keep reading our tips on how to use chatbots from A to Z

1. Set objectives

Like other marketing strategies, chatbot marketing requires crystal clear objectives and metrics to evaluate performance. Before adopting your virtual assistant or chatbot, make sure that you have determined what you desire when utilizing chatbots for marketing. 

Objectives will help you create useful content for specific scenarios, collect needed data for further analysis and assess the suitability of chatbot marketing for your business. 

Objectives for chatbot marketing can be conversion rate, customer satisfaction rate, brand awareness enhancement, engagement time on site and so on.

2. Offer live chat

There is no point in building a chatbot without offering live chat! Hence, store owners should work closely with the technical team to create an eye-catching symbol for live chat on every page to let customers know assistance is always available

Many visitors are not in favor of automated answers. So don’t forget to offer an option for talking directly to customer support staff. 

Elaborate preparation for any scenario will substantially boost brand awareness and advocacy. 

3. Track performance

Every marketing strategy needs adjusting to 100% fulfill the business’s demand, hence, tracking stats on analytics tools is a must

Marketers should set monthly or quarterly objectives and check the performance after a certain period to ensure the high possibility of goal achievement. 

4. Use chatbot builder Smart Bot 

As I mentioned above, AI application is a game changer. Therefore, Smart Tribune has investigated and developed one of the most sophisticated AI technology for Smart Bot

Smart Bot is designed to facilitate the chatbot setup process. E-merchants and service providers can create a desired chatbot easier and faster. The complicated algorithm also simulates more natural human conversations

Chatbot Marketing FAQ

1. What is a chatbot?

Chatbot refers to a programme designed to automatically respond to any customers’ inquiries. 

2. What are chatbots used for?

Chatbots are used in tons of industries. Generally, they help engage with prospects and customers and solve common audiences’ problems. 

3. How to create a chatbot?

You can effortlessly create a chatbot by using chatbot builder Smart Bot or get Smart Tribune to create an exclusive bot as you require. 

4. How do bots work?

Chatbots or bots are programmes that simulate human conversation. When a customer inputs a keyword, a chatbot will process and search it in its library to give proper pre-set answers. 

Chatbot Marketing - Bottom Line

Chatbot is now becoming more popular and advanced than ever. If you are a store owner or a service provider, don’t hesitate to deploy this state-of-the-art technology to improve your customer experience, boost engagement, and increase sales. 

If you are looking for a trusted chatbot service, Smart Bot is unquestionably a secret weapon that gives you an edge over competitors. 

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Jeremy Gallemard

Hello! I'm Jérémy, President & Co-founder of Smart Tribune. With my background in the digital & customer experience space I'm happy to share my insight & practical advice on customer experience today & what it might look like tomorrow. Happy reading!

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