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The 5 Benefits of a CRM for Your Customer Relations

Written by

 Alexis Le Bagousse

When your customer database gets to a considerable size, it becomes necessary to find the best way to organize and prioritize the information. That’s the goal of CRM software in customer relations. Beyond allowing you to better manage your customer relations, they offer a host of great marketing tools. Discover the benefits of customer relations management in this article.


Customer Relations: the definition of a CRM

What’s a CRM in customer relations?
What is a CRM? The CRM acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is a toolbox that allows you to adeptly manage your customer database. 

It assembles all the solutions that aim to optimize the quality of your customer rrelations, as well as precious marketing tools to grow customer loyalty and maximize your business.

The different uses of a CRM in customer relations
Good CRM software should combine three main types of functions:

  • Marketing actions: it allows the analysis and use of information flows pulled from market studies to set up, for example, Marketing Automation.
  • Sales management: it automates the management of sales thanks to new tools (Sales Force Automation), that make the lives of your sales teams easier.
  • After sales service management: By setting up call centers to manage remote assistance, the CRM allows companies to listen to customers and respond to their questions easily.

Quality customer service: a powerful way to bolster your brand image

The relationship that connects you to your customers is unique, and you should do everything in your power to keep it as positive as possible. Being customer centric allows you to drive a company image of being attentive to customer expectations.

Customer self-service tools integrate perfectly into the process of improving customer relations in that:

72% of consumers prefer resolving their problems by themselves rather than by calling customer service.

Listen and offer more autonomy to your customers.

CRM Stratégie customer centric

The 5 key benefits of a CRM for your customer relations

If you’d like to integrate self-service solutions into your marketing strategy, it goes without saying that a CRM is of the utmost importance. It allows you to:

  • Centralize your customer database, which is practical for feeding digital care tools
  • Take advantage of  customer information to personalise self-service tools like chatbots
  • Make the customer journey omnichannel
  • Source the customer experience through the contributions of your employees.

Furthermore, the benefits of a CRM are highlighted by the numbers, which speak for themselves:

  • 74% of CRM users reported having better access to client data
  • Customer satisfaction improved by 66% thanks to CRM software

Customer satisfaction: What are the best KPIs?

There are 3 main KPIs of customer satisfaction: the CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score which evaluates the proportion of satisfied customers who expressed themselves; the CES or Customer Effort Score, which gauges the efforts the customer had to make in order to obtain satisfaction; and finally the NPS or Net Promoter Score, the rating of the customer’s intention to recommend.

The latter is an indicator that allows you to group your customers in three categories: detractors, passives and promoters, based on their willingness to recommend the company’s services.

Finally, based on a study:

74% of companies that integrated a CRM into their marketing improved their customer services.

How? By allowing for the personalization of responses based on data provided by customers.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the adoption of a CRM is complementary to the implementation of self-service tools as they constantly compliment and feed off each other.

1. A CRM facilitates access to information about customer needs

All users of a CRM software have access to the information they need, at any time and on any medium.

In other words: the customer database is centralized and accessible to all your employees, based on the level of access they’ve each been given allowing them to access information about customer needs.

2. Master customer service thanks to a CRM

Become omniscient in terms of your customer network. Detect those who are inactive, and follow up automatically with prospects. 

Analyze customer requests in order to optimize your customer follow-up and react accordingly.

In that way, each opportunity is exploited and your clients are satisfied by the service or product you are offering.

Customer Satisfaction Checklist

3. Satisfy your customers and grow their loyalty by using a CRM for customer service

Besides attracting new customers to your products, the benefit of a CRM is also to satisfy your current customers.

Adopting a customer relationship management software echoes a customer-centric strategy: where customer expectations are placed at the center of your concerns. It’s easier, that way, to bring relevant responses.

4. Attract new customers thanks to proper use of a CRM

In addition to the preceding points, the benefits of a CRM are twofold: It allows the brand to give their customers a more personalized experience and by doing so, the brand offers a better customer experience overall. 

In order to transform prospects into customers, you can put in place different techniques based on their behaviors or preferences, for example:

  • To propose a trial of a product or service, and then present the idea of transforming the trial into a purchase
  • Invite them to private events in order to generate a purchase.

Going forward, new customers will become loyal thanks to personalised messages.

5. A CRM helps improve sales

Undoubtedly, the most important benefit of CRMs: an increase in your sales

Thanks to detailed dashboards, relevant reports and essential analyses, you have a detailed visibility of your results. Show them off and identify any pain points to bring concrete solutions and prevent any loss of sales.

By benefiting from all these functionalities, you should be in the position to increase your revenue, all while upgrading your customer relations management.

A CRM is a real marketing toolbox that will allow you to noticeably improve your customer relations. All the testimonials agree and ensure a generous ROI after the implementation of a CRM. Centralize your data, confidently improving your customer satisfaction.

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Alexis Le Bagousse

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