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How Customer Self-Service Can Come to the Rescue During a Crisis

By Jeremy Gallemard le 28 Jul. à 10h00

Customer Service, Self-service

Faced with the current health and economic crisis, many brands have had to shift their operations...

7 Reasons for creating a Dynamic FAQ on your site

If you always thought the only benefit of an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your site was...
By Jeremy Gallemard le 26 May. à 10h30
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Why – and how – should customer satisfaction be measured?

Most companies understand the importance of customer satisfaction. It’s a key issue for ensuring...
By Jeremy Gallemard le 26 Feb. à 10h00
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What Is Customer Self-Service?

Customer self-service is a concept that has steadily gained steam across brands and businesses of...
By Jeremy Gallemard le 21 Jan. à 10h30
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6 ways to transform your customer service in 2020

6 Ways to Transform Your Customer Service in 2020 Until recently, customer service was typically...
By Jeremy Gallemard le 17 Jan. à 11h25
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